Services to companies for international trade

Customs Support

Direct contacts with port authorities and shipping agencies for goods tracking, investigation and recovery of abandoned containers.

Import & Export Advisors

Specialized in helping companies to profitably grow through expanding in international markets, providing the support you need, when and where you need it, to increase your business or to create a new one.

Debt Collection

Our organization has a network of international partners able to verify in a short time the specific situation of the debtor’s company and the market conditions in which it operates, adopting the best strategy for achieving the result.


Through our network of law firms, we are ready to follow the various procedures in courts around the world at any time.

Legal Procedings

WayOut Strategy employs highly trained and experienced staff in various disciplines in various countries, offering their services around the world.

Credit Insurance Advisory

With a report about the trustworthiness of a certain company, the risk of doing business with a non-reliable party gets limited to the minimum.


Familiarity with local legal systems and languages. We provide consulting support and assistance in all type of contracts.

International Negotiations

In a country whose habits and practices are different, the level of experience and competence of the person acting for you can make the difference.

Commercial Investigations

We are able to provide detailed and highly professional reports on buyers, with data coming from extremely reliable sources.Information is acquired in different markets (in Italy and worldwide) with the help of local offices, agents and other stakeholders.

Business Advisory

WayOut Strategy combines the managerial role with the contribution of its specific competences, comparing with other functions in the formation of business decision-making and management processes.