About Us

I’m Giandomenico Grimaldi founder of WayOut Strategy. The story of the project starts from the desire to discover new professional and human horizons.

After finishing my law studies in Italy in 2012, I decide to move to the Netherlands precisely in Amsterdam. I started by working in the logistic department of a brand that produces clothing and which owns a chain of stores between Belgium and the Netherlands.Grimaldi Giandomenico Wayout Strategy

This experience was very important to get in touch with the lifestyle of the city. It has helped me to understand all the dynamics , starting from the scratch.

The adventure took off a few months later, when I joined the team of “International Advisers”, first as an investigator on abandoned containers, until I went on to fill the role of “Manager Italy”. The working relationship lasted for 6 fantastic years, where I had the opportunity to gain competences in the sectors of credit insurance advisory, negotiation, debt collection and the resolution of international trade disputes. I worked with extraordinary professionals and I had the opportunity to travel and get in touch with the most important business and insurance companies in China and in the rest of the world and specially with the many professionals who now are cooperating with us.


WayOut Strategy is the result of these years during which I carefully studied the needs of the clients, insurance companies and entrepreneurs when there is a commercial problem between the parties or when you want to try to prevent it.

Thus the idea of ​​a specific, quick and dynamic service was born.

Giandomenico GrimaldiDespite the legal background through the synergy with the firm that bears my name and that allows us to provide total coverage also at a judicial level, the mission is to retain our customers by differentiating ourselves from the type of approach that a law firm can usually have in this field.


We work with the best lawyers and consultants around the world who have liked the project and our modus operandi.

I really believe in the possibilities that offers WayOut Strategy.

I think there is a great need for new tools that help companies to solve and simplify their internationalization processes by providing concrete and tailored solutions with reliability, professionalism and with no limits of action.