Way In

Insider strategic advice

International Business Advisors

WAY IN” offer business consulting services to trade and financial transactions and international investments across Europe and the rest of the world.


We offer consulting and strategic and logistical support services for companies that want to engage in business relationships or invest in emerging markets, ranging from selecting the most appropriate internationalization mode to the concrete realization of ambitious business and / or investment projects in several economic sectors.


This is because we are connected to a network of experts and on-site consultants through which we can know, anticipate and solve technical problemsbureaucratic timescustoms difficulties etc. Making the process of expansion in foreign countries as easy as possible.


At the same time, thanks to the expertise of our consultants, we accompany the client step-by-step in the decisive stages of the transaction by introducing in-depth knowledge of the markets and the economic and commercial culture (and not only) of the individual countries, that allows to provide strategic advice as “insider“.